I was born in Newmarket, England. I have been in the United States since I was about 12, my Mother is English and my Father was an American G.I. in the Air force. Growing up in a large family and moving from place to place was not an easy way to make friends or keep them for very long. Books however were my best friends and went with me on every mover we made.

Always finding time to read and keeping a dream in the back of my mind of opening a used book store. As time went on I met a lady that was opening a book store on high street in Portsmouth and she ask if I would work with her. Well things did not go so well for her and after 4 months she decided to sell the store and I knew this was my opportunity to be a book store owner. I purchased the store in 2001 and have been here ever since.

I have always dreamed of this and now it was happening. Its been a struggle and sometimes still is but as long as I love the books and my friendly customers I will be here as long as I can. I found the time to raise 4 children and now at times I help raise 8 grandchildren, all this is also done at the store. These are the joys in my life and I couldn't ask for better Children, Grandchildren, Friends or Customers.

My store is in a mini like strip mall and looks very small from the outside, but when you come in you can see how deep it goes and I have another large room across the back. people are in awe once they come in and see all the books. They are on shelves from the floor to 8 feet high and mostly all are alphabetized. I can tell you almost all the time if I have a certain book you are looking for, if I don't I can take your name and number and when it comes in I will call you.

With the trade-in policy I get new books all the time and never know what I am getting. I also do books by e-mail, if you are looking for a certain book and I have it I will mail it to you. My store is the kind you have to see on the inside to believe it. I have tried advertising but it does not produce results so I have found out that my customers are the best way of advertising and they are really nice people for doing it. So if you ever in need of reading materials or would just like to see what its all about , please fell free to stop by at Jeannie's used books at 3202 high street in Portsmouth Virginia, or give me a call at 757-398-3331, You can always e-mail me at jeanniesusedbooks. I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

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